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Riesling 2022 silver

Price €6.56

This king of white wines produced in Baranja is truly a young, vibrant wine, boasting gentle, but pronounced fruity aromas of citrus, peach and acacia flower. Well accentuated freshness emphasizes this wines lushness...

Pinot blanc 2015 classic

Price €3.32

Smell is gentle and slightly discreet, mostly of fruit character. It’s rich with flavors of summer apples mixed with herbal additives of dry meadow herbs. Taste is very attractive because of acting of fullness and...

Chardonnay 2021 classic

Price €5.30

Chardonnay has a delicate and very pleasant aroma of ripe fruit spiced with mild notes of vanilla. With a strong and appealing flavor that, due to abundant extracts and exceptional vagueness, is very rich and...

Pinot grigio 2018 premium

Price €14.04

Pinot grigio has an extremely attractive fragrance that abounds in mature and overwhelmed fruity aromas of continental fruits like apples, bananas and pears. The maturity of the flavor is also evident in additional...

Traminer 2015 classic

Price €5.30

A pronounced, layered and rich scent that abounds in floral aromas such as those of meadow flowers and roses, and has attractive honey and fine citrus notes. The taste is a combination of strength, freshness,...